Role of the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSCCS)

Role of the Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office

  • The Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office receives and investigates complaints that involve reports of sex discrimination, sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence and/or stalking.
  • The team either investigates the complaint or refers the complaint to another appropriate WashU office or administrative body (e.g., the SCB, USHIB or Human Resources) for investigation and/or hearing.
  • If the office, or a designee, investigates a complaint against a student Respondent and a violation is found, the office may choose to impose appropriate sanctions.

    Role of Washington University Police Department (WUPD)

    • While the role of the Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office is related to investigating and resolving violations of the USCC, it does not directly involve law enforcement unless a victim chooses to file a police report to launch a criminal investigation.
    • The Washington University Police Department (WUPD), Washington University School of Medicine Protective Services (WUSMPS), and other law enforcement entities at WashU are committed to the safety of our campus community. Victims of sexual assault are encouraged to report any incidents to law enforcement if you are comfortable doing so. Learn about WUPD’s sexual assault response commitment.

    Role of the Office of General Counsel (OGC)

    • The Office of the Vice Chancellor and General Counsel (OGC) works with the Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office and the USHIB Panel members to help ensure that university rules and procedures are followed throughout the investigation process. The OGC attorney does not ask questions of the parties or witnesses during the interviews and is not present during the Panel’s deliberations.