Sexual assault and misconduct remain difficult problems on college campuses across the United States. To learn more about these issues at Washington University, we asked all students to answer climate surveys on sexual assault and misconduct in 2015 and 2019. The surveys were sponsored by Washington University in collaboration with the Association of American Universities (AAU).

The most recent Association of American Universities (AAU) campus climate survey results, released October 15, 2019, show that incidences of sexual assault and misconduct continue to be all too common, and that universities still have significant work to do to address these serious issues. Conducted in the spring of 2019, the survey collected data from some 182,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students at 33 colleges and universities. It is the second such survey to be administered by the AAU in recent years, providing an important update to the findings of the 2015 survey, in which Washington University also participated.

The results of these surveys have been and will be used to guide policies to encourage a healthy, safe and nondiscriminatory environment at Washington University. The survey is an important tool for the university to assess current programs and to shape future policies. The university’s goal is to develop programs and services that minimize sexual assault and misconduct, as well as respond to these events when they do occur.