Are you or someone you know a victim of sexual discrimination, harassment or violence? Sexual violence affects people of any gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and ability.

We take these matters very seriously. Our goal is to ensure your safety and to inform you about the resources, confidential support and reporting options available to you.

Who can I talk to?

Do I have to report an incident?

The choice to report an incident is up to you. Seeking assistance from available WashU resources does not mean you are obligated to make a formal report and go through a formal investigation; however, our office can provide you with tools and support to help you through the process if you choose to do so.

It is important to note that a victim can also choose to initially remain confidential and later decide to file a formal complaint or report the incident to a law enforcement agency.

How can the Gender Equity and Title IX Compliance Office help?

If you choose to report that you are the victim of sexual harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking, we will provide you with a written explanation of your rights and outline relevant options available to you. We will also provide you with access or a referral to various resources and services including counseling, health, mental health, victim advocacy, legal assistance, visa and immigration assistance, and student financial aid, among others available, both on and off campus.

The University recognizes that students who have been using alcohol or other drugs may be hesitant to report incidents of sexual misconduct due to the fear of potential consequences for their own conduct. Therefore, a student who reports in good faith that they witnessed or were the victim of sexual misconduct will generally not face disciplinary charges for being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.  If a student has engaged in particularly egregious or repeated behaviors, the University may consider taking further disciplinary action.

Do I receive support if I don’t file a formal report?

Even if you do not make a formal report, you will still have access to supportive measures and accommodations. Our priority is your safety. You are not obligated to make a report to the university or police, or to participate in any investigation or disciplinary process at any time, and can still receive support.

How are complaints managed?

Can I file a police report? 

Making a formal report with WashU does not preclude your right to file a police report and seek criminal prosecution. If you choose to file a police report, we will assist you in notifying the appropriate law enforcement authorities about the incident.

How can you assist me with safety-related issues? 

We can help you make reasonable adjustments to your academic, living, transportation and working situations to ensure you are safe. For more information, contact Title IX Coordinator Jessica Kennedy at 314-935-3118 or Director of the Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center Kim Webb at 314-935-8761.

How can you protect me from retaliation? 

WashU has a strong policy against retaliation, including retaliation by third parties. We will not tolerate retaliation or discrimination against persons who, in good faith, report or make a complaint of sexual discrimination or harassment, sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking.

Nor do we tolerate retaliation or discrimination against those who testify, assist, participate in or are a party to, any investigation, proceeding or hearing involving such complaints.

If you experience retaliation in any form, please contact Title IX Coordinator Jessica Kennedy at 314-935-3118 or the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards as soon as possible so that the retaliatory behavior can be addressed and disciplinary action can be taken if possible.