Washington University is committed to the success of all students, including those who are pregnant and parenting. Polices are in place to guarantee that you have access to your classrooms during your pregnancy, and that you are able to return to the same academic status after childbirth.

If you have questions about any of these policies, need assistance in requesting accommodations, or would like to make a complaint of unfair treatment, please contact Title IX Coordinator Jessica Kennedy at jwkennedy@wustl.edu or 314-935-3118.

Graduate and Professional Students (Danforth Campus)

Policies and procedures within The Graduate School

Full-time graduate students in Arts & Sciences, including PhD students in engineering, business and social work, may request a new child leave to assume care for a new child. They should maintain full-time student status. Students on new child leave are not expected to participate in mentored teaching or research experience for up to 60 calendar days while they receive their current stipend support. Additional time off without receiving a stipend for up to a full semester will ordinarily be granted by the Graduate School if approved by the student’s department.

New child leave does not affect the student’s full-time status and will not appear on the student’s transcript. New child leave must be taken within the first year after the child’s birth or adoption. Students should contact their department to request a new child leave.

To whatever extent is possible, a new child leave’s beginning and ending dates should coincide with those of the academic term (fall, spring or summer). If longer periods of leave are desired, students will be expected to apply for a leave of absence. Students who receive support from external agencies should consult the policies and guidelines of the sponsor.

Enrollment Status

  • Full-time enrollment

Course Code

  • Any full-time graduate registration


  • Academic & funding clock does not stop
  • Student notifies their department and department submits form to the Graduate School
  • Student does not participate in research or teaching activities while on new child leave

Student Considerations

  • Provides 60 calendar days of paid leave
  • Students maintain health insurance


  • Benefits and funding support will vary by school. Please refer to the policies of your home department.
  • All international students should consult with the Office of International Students & Scholars before applying for a leave of absence to determine how it may impact their visa status.


Please contact the Title IX Office to request parking accommodations, including a temporary permit for accessible spaces. Learn more about accessible parking on campus.

Lactation Rooms

Lactation rooms are available on the Danforth and Medical campuses. See locations for Danforth Campus lactation rooms and Medical Campus lactation rooms.

Community Resources

See resources from the National Women’s Law Center.

Title IX Information about Pregnancy and Parenting

For Information Related to Specific Programs

The following individuals will be able to direct students to specific information and resources for their programs:


Arts & Sciences: Dirk Killen
Engineering: Chris Kroeger
Olin: Paige LaRose
Sam Fox: Georgia Binnington


The Graduate School: Erin Murdock
Law School: Elizabeth Walsh
Brown School: Danielle Bristow
Olin: Ashley Macrander
Engineering: Cathy Freesmeier
Medicine: Lisa Moscoso

  • DBBS: Robyn Klein
  • OT: Shannon Eckhoff
  • PT: Sarah Rands
  • Audiology: Beth Elliott