A variety of resources are available to any member of the WashU community who has been affected by a Title IX violation and needs additional support.

If you are visiting in search of information on helping a friend in need, please visit the Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention Center website.

If you are a student or learner on the Med Campus, explore your reporting and support options.

If you are an individual seeking support for changes in academic, living, transportation and working situations, learn about WashU’s supportive measures and accommodations, and how to request help.

Additional medical and non-medical options are listed below:

Medical Care

BarnesJewish Hospital: One Barnes Hospital Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63110
Emergency Department
314-362-9123, https://barnesjewish.org

St. Mary’s Health Center: 6420 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63117
Emergency Department
314-768-8360, http://ssmhealth.com/stmarys

Emergency Support Team (EST): A volunteer student organization that provides 24-hour emergency medical care to the WashU community during the Fall and Spring semesters. Half of the members are licensed Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and the other half are certified in standard first aid.
314-935-5555, http://est.wustl.edu

Habif Health and Wellness Center (Danforth Campus): Provides medical, mental health, and health promotion services designed to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of students.
Nathan Dardick House on the South 40 Danforth Campus
314-935-6666, https://students.wustl.edu/habif-health-wellness-center/

Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CCPS): Provides comprehensive therapeutic services in-person and via Zoom to foster personal, emotional, and academic well-being.
314-935-6695, https://students.wustl.edu/counseling-psychological-services/

WUSM Student Mental Health Service: Provides on-site medical, mental health, and health promotion services to medical campus students.
4525 Scott Ave., Room 3420 (Third Floor), East Building
314-362-3523, https://studenthealth.med.wustl.edu

Nonmedical Care

Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevent (RSVP) Center: 24/7 response and support for students who have been victimized or are in a threatening situation. Education and training also provided.
314-935-3445, rsvpcenter@wustl.edu , https://students.wustl.edu/relationship-sexual-violence-prevention-center/

Sexual Assault and Rape Anonymous Helpline (SARAH): Student-run, 24/7 support for students who want to talk to someone.
314-935-8080, sarahatwashu@gmail.com, http://sarah.wustl.edu

Uncle Joe’s Peer Counseling and Resource Center: Student-run peer counseling service. 24/7 counseling via phone. In-person counseling 10 p.m. – 1 a.m. every night during semesters.
314-935-5099, http://unclejoe.wustl.edu

Clergy: For students who would like to speak with a member of the Interfaith Campus Ministries Association (IFCMA), there are many student religious groups, and several churches and synagogues and other religious institutions are within walking distance from campus.

TimelyCare: Telehealth company specializing in higher education. TimelyCare is free for all students who pay the student health and wellness fee and is available via the TimelyCare app.